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Event Dates and Advance Notices

If I have now sparked your interest in my work and you wish to see my costumes "in motion", you should prebook the following event dates (update: August 2023):

"Pünktchen and Anton"

Musical from 6 years by Adenberg/Schubring, after Erich Kästner
Pünktchen has rich parents, Anton is desperately poor and has a sick mother. While earning money he gets to know Pünktchen. Unexpectedly, the two get caught up in an exciting detective story. Parents, nannies, teachers: adults don't do well in this story. But because the children don't give a damn about what's supposed to be proper, everything turns out fine in the end
Wtih Ruth Fuchs, Lukas Schwedeck, Sonja Herrmann, Kai Möller, Simon Lausberg, Julia Steingaß, Bosse Vogt, Rita Correia and Veronika de Vries, Markus Maria Düllmann and Annette Potempa.
Director: Christian H. Voss

Opening Night:    May 21, 2023
Time:                    May 21 – September 3, 2023
Burgfestspiele Bad Vilbel

More information at Kultur Bad Vilbel (in German)

"My Fair Lady"

Musical by Frederick Loewe (music) and Alan Jay Lerner (book)
At the beginning of the most performed classical musical there is a bet: Will the successful phonetics professor Henry Higgins succeed in making a lady out of the uneducated flower seller Eliza Doolittle, who speaks the worst dialect? After weeks of torture with strange speech exercises, such as "the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain", Higgins celebrates his success. But he made his bet without Eliza and above all without his feelings: "Just wait and see, Henry Higgins!"
With Julia Steingaß, Theodor Reichardt, Kai Möller, Sonja Herrmann, Annette Lubosch, Bosse Vogt, Lukas Schwedeck, Simon Lausberg, Vera Lorenz, Rita Correia, Veronika de Vries, Sascha Stead and Annette Potempa.
Director: Christian H. Voss

Opening Night:    June 30, 2023
Time:                    June 30 – September 10, 2023
Time:                    June 30 – September 10, 2023
Burgfestspiele Bad Vilbel

More information at Kultur Bad Vilbel (in German)

"It should rain red roses for me"

A musical and psychological portrait of Hildegard Knef, book by James Edward Lyons
Hildegard Knef's career as an actress, singer and author was characterized by both success and failure. The aging Knef, narrowly escaping cancer and abandoned by her husband, sits in front of the typewriter and looks into the mirror of her own past. Here she meets "Hilde", her younger, hopeful self. An exchange of blows between the two women begins. "Die Knef" was the first German film idol after 1945, surrounded by scandal in "Die Sünderin", celebrated on Broadway and one of the few German world stars. James Edward Lyon's musical-scenic portrait "It should rain red roses for me" revives a style icon of the 1960s.
With Stephanie Theiß, Joana Tscheinig and Horst Maria Merz (musical director)
Director: Ulf Dietrich

Premiere:    September 9, 2023
Time:           September 9, 2023 – May 2024
Theatre Trier

More information at Theater Trier (in German)

"The Snow Queen"

Family piece after Hans Christian Andersen by Kim Langner and Axel Weidemann with music by Timo Riegelsberger
Gerda and Kay are the very best of friends! But one day the evil snow queen enchants Kay with her mysterious ice mirror. The good-hearted Kay suddenly turns cold and mean and disappears into the realm of the Snow Queen. Gerda does everything to save her best friend Kay. Bravely she embarks on the dangerous journey. She meets the whimsical flower woman, an unusual royal couple and the constantly chattering crow Lord Federich Graf von Kräh. But time is pressing, because Kay's heart threatens to freeze forever. Then Gerda is kidnapped by the wildest gang of robbers. Courageously, Gerda begins the decisive journey into the eternal ice. Will she be able to save her boyfriend in time before Kay's heart finally freezes to ice?
With Jana Auburger, Marvin Groh, Lara Schitto, Stephan Vanecek, Nadine Stöneberg, Joana Tscheinig and Florian Janik
Directed and book by: Kim Langner & Axel Weidemann

Premiere:    November 14, 2023
Time:           November 14, 2023 – April 2024
Theatre Trier

More information at Theater Trier (in German)

"The First Last Day"

Play by Lajos Wenzel, based on the novel by Sebastian Fitzek
A road trip full of drama, comedy and unpredictable turns – with two quirky, heartfelt main characters who couldn't be more different.
Livius Reimer is on his way from Munich to Berlin to save his marriage. But on this day his flight is canceled and he has to share the only available rental car with a young woman of the "tofu terrorist" type. In his eyes she is too weird, too loud, too unusual – with her unconventional view of the world, Lea overwhelms Livius from the first second. Shortly after leaving, Livius gets involved in an unusual thought experiment by Lea – however, he doesn't know that this encounter will not only change their road trip completely, but his whole life ...
With Thomas Jansen, Carolin Freund and others
Director: Andreas Lachnit

Premiere:    November 25, 2023
Time:          November 25, 2023 – May 2024
Theatre Trier

More information at Theater Trier (in German)