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Event Dates and Advance Notices

If I have now sparked your interest in my work and you wish to see my costumes "in motion", you should prebook the following event dates (update: October 2022):

Please inform yourself on the websites of the theatres, festivals etc. about the current pandemic situation and regulations (2G, 2G+, 3G)!

"Buntes Republik"

Entertainment play in black and white by Ulf Dietrich and Manfred Langner Back in the wild 1960s in Germany: The company of furniture manufacturer Heinrich Bunte is buzzing. His wife Gertrud, his little daughter Uschi and he himself are the model family of the time. But suddenly his rich German economic wonderland is shaken: by the student movement and the sexual revolution. Or is it the launch of color television? In any case, while Daddy Bunte wants to pair his daughter off with the aspiring department head Dr. Baumann, she wears a skirt that is much too short and has her eye on the Italian guest worker Giorgio. In addition, Karl-Friedrich, the son of his domestic servant Elfi, suddenly brings left-wing ideas into his home, and his wife Gertrud suddenly reads books by a certain Oswald Kolle and makes demands ... The family inevitably gets caught up in the entertaining vortex of social upheaval in one of the most exciting and colorful decades of our country. Schlager, Beat, student protests, sexual liberation, pill, color television: the opulent, nostalgic comedy Buntes Republik recounts the feeling of life and love of the sixties - with lots of music and just as biting, lively and ironic. A fun journey back in time to Germany's economic miracle!
With Stephanie Theiß, Harald Pilar von Pilchau, Michael Hiller, Anna Pircher, Raphael Christoph Grosch, Bianca Spiegel, Nadine Stöneberg, Giovanni Rupp, Barbara Ullmann, Lennart Hillmann, Luiza Braz Batista, Nima Bazrafkan, Stephan Vanecek, Tamara Theisen, Laura Evangelisti, Sofia Emanuela Cappelli, Morgan Perez, Prima Tharthep, Francesco Aversano, Giorgio Strano, Madhav Davide Valmiki & Leonardo Germani.
Musical Director: H.C. Petzoldt
Band: Mathias Kremer, Carlos Wagner, David Eckes, Dirk Klinkhammer & Johannes Gajowski.
Director: Ulf Dietrich

Opening Night:    October 2, 2022
Time:                    October 2, 2022 – not yet defined
Theater Trier

More information at Theatre Trier (in German)

"The First Last Day"

Play by Lajos Wenzel, based on the novel by Sebastian Fitzek
A road trip full of drama, comedy and unpredictable turns - with two quirky, heartfelt main characters who couldn't be more different. Livius Reimer is on his way from Munich to Berlin to save his marriage. But on this day his flight is cancelled and he has to share the only available rental car with a young woman of the "tofu terrorist" type. In his eyes she is too weird, too loud, too unusual - with her unconventional view of the world, Lea overwhelms Livius from the first second. Shortly after leaving, Livius gets involved in an unusual thought experiment by Lea - however, he doesn't know that this encounter will not only change their road trip completely, but his whole life ...
With Carolin Freund, Thomas Jansen, Farina Violetta Giesmann and Thomas Krutmann.
Directed by: Andreas Lachnit

Opening Night:    September 15, 2022 (debut performance)
Time:                    September 15 – October 9, 2022
Landesbühne Rheinland-Pfalz, Schlosstheater Neuwied

On Tour:                October 11 – October 20, 2022

Opening Night Contra-Kreis-Theater:    October 21, 2022
Time Contra-Kreis-Theater:                    October 21 – November 9, 2022

More information at Schlosstheater
More information at Contra-Kreis-Theater

"Dancing Lessons"

Play by Mark St. Germain
Professor Ever Montgomery has to learn to dance for an awards ceremony. It's not really a difficult task, but Ever is autistic. He abhors physical contact and organizes his everyday life according to strict rules. His life is now thrown into turmoil when he chooses his neighbor Senga Quinn to be his dance teacher. Senga is a dancer who has a broken leg after an accident and it is uncertain whether she will ever be able to work again. So their mood during the lessons is pretty tense. Over the course of a few weeks, the dissimilar dance partners get closer - maybe even closer than either of them ever thought. Mark St. Germain has written a touching and funny piece about an unlikely couple who learn much more important things about each other and themselves in the course of their dance lessons.
With Madeleine Niesche and Ralf Stech.
Directed by: Heinz Kreidl

Opening Night :   September 15, 2022
Time:                    September 15 – October 23, 2022
Fritz Rémond Theater, Frankfurt/Main

More information at Fritz Rémond Theater (in German)

"Little Peter's Journey to the Moon"

A space mission & musical by Kim Langner and Axel Weidemann, based on the fairy tale by Gerdt von Bassewitz
One night, Peter and his little sister Anni receive an unexpected visit from the anxious May bug Mr Sumsemann. He urgently needs the help of the two children. A few centuries ago, a cunning snake magicked away the sixth little leg of the great-great-great-great-great-great-great Sumsemann. As punishment, the evil snake was banished to the moon by the mighty night fairy. Since then, all descendants of the Sumsemann family have only had five little legs. This curse can only be broken with the help of two children brave enough to travel to the moon with Mr Sumsemann and defeat the mean snake. The space mission starts and our freshly baked astronauts have to face many adventures. They meet the important sandman, Mother Holle, the famous night fairy, fight evil together and with a bit of luck they even get to know Santa Claus personally.
With Marius Schneider, Tamara Theisen, Michael Hiller, Barbara Ullmann, Stephan Vanecek, Nima Bazrafkan, Kristina Willmaser and Prima Tharthep.
Directed and book by: Kim Langner and Axel Weidemann

Opening Night:   November 8, 2022
Time:                   November 8, 2022 – April 2023 (presumably)
Theater Trier

More information at Theater Trier (there, please click onto "Alle Vorstellungen", then scroll down till the November dates - information given in German)

"The Currywurst Queen"

Great Schlager Revue by Susanne Dassel and Werner Hardmann
Dörte is the owner of a currywurst stand, she loves people and everyone gets love, an ear and a currywurst. But then Dörte finds a pile of money and nothing stays as it was. Suddenly she aspires to higher things, dresses expensively, surrounds herself with the rich and famous and plans to turn the currywurst stand into a starred restaurant. After her ascent and soaring high, the descent comes quickly... "This revue is sharp, loving and cheeky with heart and fast dialogues, crazy guys, funny gags, moving wisdom and of course a lot of music and super hits to sing along and celebrate with."
With Katrin Höft, Stella Withenius, Thomas Peters, Sören Ergang, Tobias Ziebold, Alina Schaumburg, Vera Gobetz, Kenny S. Cassel and Thea Seibert von Fock.
Directed by: Axel Weidemann

Opening Night:   December 10, 2022
Time:                   December 10, 2022 – January 8, 2023
Landesbühne Rheinland-Pfalz, Schlosstheater Neuwied, in cooperation with the Contra-Kreis-Theatre

More information at Landesbühne Rheinland-Pfalz

"The Comedian Harmonists"

Drama with music, book by Gottfried Greiffenhagen, musical arrangement by Franz Wittenbrink
Fascinated by the American a cappella formation "The Revelers", the drama student Harry Frommermann decided to set up a similar ensemble in Berlin in 1927. In response to his newspaper ad, more than 70 candidates came to the audition. A few months later, he assembled a powerful sextet that quickly were well known throughout Germany: Robert Biberti, Ari Leschnikoff, Roman Cycowski, Erich Collin and Harry Frommermann became the "Comedian Harmonists". Together with the pianist Erwin Bootz, their career seemed to know only one direction at first. But the legendary rise of the group, which culminated in a performance in the Berlin Philharmonic, was followed by the tragic end due to National Socialism ...
With Horst Maria Merz, Giovanni Rupp, Raphael Christoph Grosch, Derek Rue, Gideon Rapp, Theodor Reichhardt and Harald von Pilchau.
Directed by: Ulf Dietrich

Opening Night:   December 17, 2022
Time:                   December 17, 2022 – March 2023
Theater Trier

More information at Theatre Trier