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Event Dates and Advance Notices

If I have now sparked your interest in my work and you wish to see my costumes "in motion", you should prebook the following event dates (update: October 2019):


Play by Stephen Temperley
She was and is a phenomenon: Florence Foster Jenkins, heiress to a wealthy industrialist, and dazzling personality of New York's social and artist life of the 1940s. Souvenir tells her story through the eyes of her companion and pianist Cosme McMoon. For the talented musician, it is nothing more than a pragmatic way to finance his rent. As the two get to know each other better, he becomes increasingly involved in the world and bizarre view of the Foster Jenkins. In his play, Steven Temperley shows a woman inspired by art, who does not allow herself to be distracted from her infinite love for music through self-doubt, external hostility or even objective quality. Florence Foster Jenkins is and remains a persuasive, an unshakable, self-confident and fabulously talentless soprano, whose impact and career today's supposed superstars can only dream of.
With Barbara Ullmann and Jan Walther.
Director: Ulf Dietrich

Opening Night:   August 31, 2019
Time:    August 31, 2019 – March 18, 2020
Theatre Trier

More informationen at Theatre Trier

"The Full Monty"

By Stephen Sinclair and Anthony McCarten in a version by Folke Braband
After a sold-out tour of Germany, the multi-award-winning cult production can now be seen in Hamburg!
Six friends in an English industrial city. No talent, no drive, no work and they are neither beautiful nor young. In the midst of their misery of debt and marital crisis, they decide to found a new life. As "The Wild Bulls" they offer men's striptease.
With Pascal Breuer, Torsten Münchow, Torben Krämer, Gisbert-Peter Terhorst, Eduard Burza and Dominik Meurer
Director: Folke Braband

Opening Night:    September 13, 2019
Time:    September 13 – October 27, 2019
Komödie Winterhuder Fährhaus, Hamburg

More information at Komödie Hamburg

"Aladdin and the Magic Lamp"

Aladdin, his kind mother and the whole city have to live in poverty. The good-natured Sultan is under the influence of the evil Grand Vizier. This villain also tries to come into possession of a magical magic lamp. This is where the magical Jinni lives, who has to fulfill all wishes of his owner and master. To get the lamp, the Grand Vizier uses the bona fide Aladdin, who has fallen madly in love with the beautiful Princess Jalaila. But the evil Grand Vizier also wants to take Jalaila as wife ...
With Jan Walter, Davina Donaldson, Aki Tougiannidis, Luiza Braz Batista, Stephan Vanecek and Paul Behrens.
Directors: Kim Langner and Axel Weidemann

Opening Night:   November 6, 2019
Time:    November 6, 2019 – February 4, 2020
Theatre Trier

More information at Theatre Trier

"A Dnace on the Volcano – Trier and the Twenties"

A revue by Manfred Langner and Horst Maria Merz
How golden were they, the wild twenties? An exhilarating time full of joie de vivre in which to enjoy peace, dance Charleston and make it a daytime evening? Or a decade that stumbled into the Great Depression and in times of need and impoverishment the political situation became increasingly aggressive? A glittering party and a blind stumbling into the abyss of dictatorship at the same time? The musical revue shows a rapid journey into Trier in the 1920s, through the history of the Weimar Republic with its quirks and fashions, between marching and jazz. Besides, this review also casts a glance ahead, in the upcoming "Twenties" - how close are we to the dance on the volcano again?
With Stephanie Theiß, Michael Hiller, Barbara Ullmann, Klaus-Michael Nix, Anna Pircher, Gideon Rapp, Giovanni Rupp, Bianca Spiegel and Paul Hess.
Director: Manfred Langner

Opening Night:   December 7, 2019
Time:    December 7, 2019 – March 29, 2020
Theatre Trier

More information at Theatre Trier

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