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Event Dates and Advance Notices

If I have now sparked your interest in my work and you wish to see my costumes "in motion", you should prebook the following event dates (update: January 2022):

Due to the Corona pandemic most theatres, museums, festival halls etc. offer a limited programme only. In case of interest, please inform yourself on the websites of the organizers about the current situation and regulations (2G, 2G+, 3G)!

"Intrigue and Love (Cabal and Love)"

Civil tragedy by Friedrich Schiller
Ferdinand, son of the president of Walter, raves about Luise, daughter of the musician Miller. Luise reciprocates the feelings with the same passion, but both Ferdinand's and Luise's father strictly reject a connection between the two. Ferdinand's father rather wants to marry his son to the influential Lady Milford, the Duke's mistress. He hopes this will increase his influence at court. Lady Milford, on the other hand, can no longer do without Ferdinand simply for reasons of love and prestige. Ferdinand rebels against his father and wants to flee with Luise. Ferdinand's father therefore devises a perfidious plan together with his scheming secretary Wurm, who in turn vies for Luise's favor. The noose of intrigues is tightening and public and private interests become blurred – Luise and Ferdinand seem to have lost their lives for a long time. Jealousy arises and an unstoppable chain of tragic events is set in motion ...
With Luise Harder, Tamara Theisen, Klaus-Michael Nix, Lennart Hillmann, Michael Hiller, Giovanni Rupp and Paul Hess.
Director: Rüdiger Pape

Opening Night:    October 16, 2021
Time:                    October 16, 2021 – March 2022 (presumably)
Theater Trier

More information at Theater Trier (in German)

"Alice in Wonderland"

Alice is invited to her friend Felix's birthday, where a magician conjures a rabbit out of his top hat. Alice is ridiculed in front of the other children by the neighbor boy Marvin. Alice remains sad and alone and follows the lively rabbit and before she knows it, she ends up in the exciting wonderland. But there is the cruel Queen of Hearts who wants to lock Alice in the dungeon because she has destroyed her croquet field. On her escape from the tyrannical queen's army of playing cards, Alice has to endure exciting adventures. She meets many funny residents, such as the crazy hatter, the funny March hare, the cheeky Cheshire cat and the smoking caterpillar ...
With Anna Pircher, Luiza Braz Batista, Lara Schitto, Stephan Vanecek, Raphael Grosch, Aki Tougiannidis and Nima Bazrafkan.
Directors and script: Kim Langner and Axel Weidemann

Opening Night:    November 12, 2021
Time:                    November 12, 2021 – March 2022 (presumably)
Theater Trier

More information at Theatre Trier (in German)

"Buntes Republik"

Entertainment play in black and white by Ulf Dietrich and Manfred Langner Back in the wild 1960s in Germany: The company of furniture manufacturer Heinrich Bunte is buzzing. His wife Gertrud, his little daughter Uschi and he himself are the model family of the time. But suddenly his rich German economic wonderland is shaken: by the student movement and the sexual revolution. Or is it the launch of color television? In any case, while Daddy Bunte wants to pair his daughter off with the aspiring department head Dr. Baumann, she wears a skirt that is much too short and has her eye on the Italian guest worker Giorgio. In addition, Karl-Friedrich, the son of his domestic servant Elfi, suddenly brings left-wing ideas into his home, and his wife Gertrud suddenly reads books by a certain Oswald Kolle and makes demands ... The family inevitably gets caught up in the entertaining vortex of social upheaval in one of the most exciting and colorful decades of our country. Schlager, Beat, student protests, sexual liberation, pill, color television: the opulent, nostalgic comedy Buntes Republik recounts the feeling of life and love of the sixties - with lots of music and just as biting, lively and ironic. A fun journey back in time to Germany's economic miracle!
With Stephanie Theiß, Harald Pilar von Pilchau, Michael Hiller, Anna Pircher, Raphael Christoph Grosch, Bianca Spiegel, Nadine Stöneberg, Giovanni Rupp, Barbara Ullmann, Lennart Hillmann, Luiza Braz Batista, Nima Bazrafkan, Stephan Vanecek, Tamara Theisen, Laura Evangelisti, Sofia Emanuela Cappelli, Morgan Perez, Prima Tharthep, Francesco Aversano, Giorgio Strano, Madhav Davide Valmiki & Leonardo Germani.
Musical Director: H.C. Petzoldt
Band: Mathias Kremer, Carlos Wagner, David Eckes, Dirk Klinkhammer & Johannes Gajowski.
Director: Ulf Dietrich

Opening Night:    January 8, 2022
Time:                    January 8, 2022 – June 2022 (presumably)
Theater Trier

More information at Theatre Trier (in German)

"One Sentence too much"

Comedy by Eric Assous
Clemence and Gaspard are a happy retired couple and are enjoying their lives. Their son Lucas and his wife Manon are also a model couple. One day as they go on vacation they drop off their little baby Roberto at Lucas caring parents. This leads to an existential dispute between the young couple, which the parents or in-laws attend in shock. It seems as if the young marriage is about to end. A governor dispute ignites between Gaspard and Clemence, one word results in another, one sentence becomes one sentence too much! And an avalanche starts rolling that unearths long-kept secrets ...
With Saskia Valencia, Steffen Laube, Marlene Zimmer and Mathias Renneisen.
Director: Manfred Langner

Opening Night:    February 3, 2022
Time:                    February 3 – March 20, 2022
Komödie Frankfurt

More information at Komödie Frankfurt

"Fracking for Future"

Play by Alistair Beaton
Together with the energy company and the local mayor Chris, head of a PR agency, wants to convince the citizens of a small German town of the blessing of gas extraction through fracking and to ensure their approval. But Petra, declared opponent of fracking, protests loudly. As she gets removed from the hall under protest and filmed, Petra advances to become an internet star in social networks the very next day. The anti-fracking activist Jenny and her boyfriend Leon want to use this hype for their campaign. A fight ensues between Petra Elisabeth and the smart PR specialist Chris, who quickly realizes that beautiful advertising images and legal action against Petra will not bring the desired success ...
Alistair Beaton looks sharply behind the machinations of the fracking industry and the interests of those involved. Because the German Bundestag wants to renegotiate the issue of fracking, "Fracking for the future" seems more relevant than ever.
With Barbara Ullmann, Klaus-Michael Nix, Raphael Christoph Grosch, Nima Bazrafkan, Martin Geisen, Stephanie Theiß, Luise Harder, Tamara Theisen, Lennart Hillmann, Manfred Paul Hänig, children's and youth choir and extras from the Trier Theatre.
Director: Lajos Wenzel

Opening Night:    February 19, 2022
Time:                    February 19 – June 2022 (presumably)
Theatre Trier

More information at Theatre Trier