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Event Dates and Advance Notices

If I have now sparked your interest in my work and you wish to see my costumes "in motion", you should prebook the following event dates (update: May 2019):

"Blue Jeans"

Musical by Jürg Burth and Ulf Dietrich
A provincial town somewhere in Germany in the 50s. Neumann, owner of the local department store, and Karsuntke, councillor, wish to wed Lisa, daughter of Naumann, and Frank, son of Karsuntke as soon as possible. But when Lisa meets Tom, the car mechanic, she falls head over heels in love with him. Tom opens up a new world to her and she discovers Rock'n Roll, first great love and these new, impossible and super tight trousers: Blue jeans .. The play "Blue Jeans" presents itself with speed, emotion, jokes and lots of well-known hits – bitchy, lively and ironically around the upbeat feeling in the Germany of the 50s, where the post-war fug clashes with a rebellious youth. (Text adapted from the website of Theater Trier)
With Stephanie Theiß, Michael Hiller, Anna Pircher, Robin Jentys, Barbara Ullmann, , Klaus-Michael-Nix , Dimetrio-Giovanni Rupp, Bianca Spiegel, Gideon Rapp, Luiza Braz Batista, Paul Hess, Brooke Squire, Francesco Aversano, Lara Schitto, Angelo d'Aiello, Melanie Nosbüsch, Phillip Voigtländer, Antonia Crames, Vivien Föhr and Ulrike Wiegerling.
Director: Ulf Dietrich

Opening Night:   January 19, 2019
Time:   January 19 – June 17, 2019
Theater Trier

More information to be found at Theater Trier

"Emil and the Detectives"

Musical based on the well-known book by Erich Kästner
Berlin, late 1920s: Twelve-year-old Emil Tischbein from Neustadt travels alone to his grandmother. On the train to Berlin, Emil’s 140 marks are stolen. He notices how the thief runs away on the platform and quickly follows him. He meets a detective gang of the same age and an adventurous chase through Berlin begins.
With Lukas Schwedeck, Theodor Reichardt, Oliver Fobe, Susanne Rögner, Kai Möller, Lukas Benjamin Engel, Nathalie Parsa, Arthur Polle, Susanne Buchenberger, Tobias Georg Biermann, Jürgen Brehm, Katia Bischoff, Fabian Rogall and Giuila Haas.
Directed by Christian Voss

Opening Night:   May 19, 2019
Time:   May 19 – September 7, 2019
Burgfestival Bad Vilbel

More information at Burgfestspiele Bad Vilbel


Play by Stephen Temperley
She was and is a phenomenon: Florence Foster Jenkins, heiress to a wealthy industrialist, and dazzling personality of New York's social and artist life of the 1940s. Souvenir tells her story through the eyes of her companion and pianist Cosme McMoon. For the talented musician, it is nothing more than a pragmatic way to finance his rent. As the two get to know each other better, he becomes increasingly involved in the world and bizarre view of the Foster Jenkins. In his play, Steven Temperley shows a woman inspired by art, who does not allow herself to be distracted from her infinite love for music through self-doubt, external hostility or even objective quality. Florence Foster Jenkins is and remains a persuasive, an unshakable, self-confident and fabulously talentless soprano, whose impact and career today's supposed superstars can only dream of.
With Barbara Ullmann and Jan Walther.
Director: Ulf Dietrich

Pre-Premiere:   June 27, 2019, in the "Kasino am Kornmarkt", Trier
2. Vorstellung:   June 30, 2019 in the "Kasino am Kornmarkt", Trier
Opening Night:   August 31, 2019, Theatre Trier
Season:    August 31, 2019 – March 18, 2020
Theatre Trier

More informationen at Theatre Trier

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