costumes, fashion & accessories

design, production
& styling for
theatre, musical
& opera
film & tv
show & event
photo & advertising
vaudeville & travesty
illusionist &
quick change


Theory and practice on the following topics:

  • The job description of the costume designer

    • Training, qualifications and costume design
    • Work process from the script to the finished costume
    • Clearing and restoration of a production
  • Costume studies

    • All eras of history, styles and silhouettes
    • Fashion/costume related to society and art
  • Costume drawing

    • Figurine, drape and texture
  • Materials studies

    • Materials and fields of application
    • Patina (aging process of materials – from new to old )
    • Vintage (restyle new clothing from old garment)
    • Practical work samples
  • Venue

    • Film and Media Academies
    • Colleges of Arts and Design
    • Adult Education Centres
    • Clubs and museums
    • Costume Studio Monika Seidl
  • Interested parties can book individually

    • Time (e.g. 3 hrs or 1-2 days)
    • Group size (e.g. 6-20 persons)
    • Seminar-related materials

On request, I'll provide you with a detailed offer – just send an e-mail to kostueme(at)